Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Make Your Body Art

So my girlfriend - who's a photographer - teamed up with a make-up artist for their new project: Make Your Body Art! Basically all those wandering souls who want some nice pictures of themselves for whatever reason (as a gift perhaps?), preferably with some amazing bodypaint involved in the business, have to look no further as that is exactly what 'Make Your Body' Art does! They paint, they shoot and voila! are made immortal by being turned into a beautiful piece of art! 

For the first couple of promotional shots intended to get the calls rolling, Réka - being quite a stunner herself - stood model also. Now, as great a photographer as she is, shooting herself might have proved a little cumbersome - that is how I got in the picture (no pun ever intended). And these are the results...

To see all the work they have done so far - or to contact them - go to their facebook page!

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