Saturday, 29 June 2013

The Orient Awaits

As the plane starts its descent, I can see the mild sandstorm over the massive stretch of buildings, which is the city of Cairo. The storm is not strong enough to prevent us from landing, but it does paint the setting sun into a hue of blood red, and covers absolutely everything with a thin layer of sand, so it seems the whole city is made out of the stuff, as if the desert is just shifted to take the form of buildings instead dunes, like the ones on the horizon. By the time I get out of the plane, the sand is gone from the air, only the hot desert wind remains, which feels rather nice after the long hours of the artificial cool of the plane’s aircon. I would want to enjoy it bit longer, but have to get into the terminal.

Sadly I missed the sun, but you can see a bit of sandstorm

Cairo, however, is not where I’m headed. Actually I’m stuck at the terminal for five sluggishly slow hours before I can continue my flight to Guangzhou, China. After a year of exploring the riot of senses that one can find in the tropical wonder of Brazil, now I’m going to spend a couple of months in the mystical and quite puzzling world of the about-to-be economical leader of the world. Only this time I’m traveling to work. Frankly, I have no idea what to think about China – as I have never been there before, I can only picture rather stereotypical scenarios, and everyone who has been there seems to be telling me rather contradictory things about what I should be expecting – so I decided not to assume, and just take it as it comes!

Unlike in Brazil, however, this time I HAVE my camera with me (lets hope that it stays that way), so I will do my best to show you as much of this introverted giant as I can, despite the short time and me having to work. So stay tuned as some pretty spectacular posts are on their way!

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    Take care and have a nice time in China !!