Sunday, 10 March 2013


Freedom Bridge - I've always been wondering about that one, since all of Budapest's seven bridges bear the name of a historic person apart from this green steel beauty arching over the Danube (oh ok, and except of the Chain Bridge, but its made out of a massive chain, not too much wondering there). What really makes me wonder about it, is that the name 'freedom' is pretty vague, I'm not even sure the fine people of Budapest had anything particular in mind when they gave it their brand new bridge back in the day, its probably just that folks like having pretty things around them with lighthearted names such as freedom. But the freedom bridge somehow managed to live up to its name. Not in a blazing, glorious way - no heated revolutions or such has taken place on its concrete arch - but in a steady, everyday kinda way. It connects two of the countries elite universities giving the youth of the nation the freedom of knowledge. It is also the only bridge, that when the weather is good, is full of carefree people laying on its metal structure taking the sun, sipping beer with the mighty Danube waving beneath them. And sadly it is also the city's prime spot for suicides - I guess for someone who is desperate enough, the freedom to quit is the ultimate freedom... 


  1. muito bom, ainda quero conhecer esta bela cidade, grande abraco e beijos pra Eva!!!